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With so many jobs to do, it takes a lot of equipment to run a landscaping business. Instead of buying several machines that have one or two purposes, a MultiOne mini loader can be fitted with attachments to do several jobs from mowing to tree transplanting. Unlike a tractor, the loader uses a mounting system that uses a single plate and hydraulic connector, letting you switch tools quickly so you can do multiple tasks each day.

Mini loaders aren’t just easy to use, it’s easier on the ground you’re working on. They use a swiveling frame with independently controlled wheel motors to make sharp turns without having to lock any of the wheels. This lets it maneuver like a tractor or skid steer with minimal scrubbing.

Preparing the Land

When working with wild or unkempt land, the existing soil and plant life needs to be dealt with. Tools like the stump grinder, tree shear and tree spade can remove trees, while the log grapple, bio shredder and log splitter can help dispose of the wood. Mowing thick grass is easy with the sickle bar mower, while hard-to-reach areas like ditches can be trimmed with the side shift flail mower. Need to rework the soil? There’s a ripper for cutting through roots and a tiller, stone burier, power harrow and leveler to prepare the soil for planting.


When you’re ready to plant, the loader can help by using a specially designed pot clamp that can gently lift pots and balled plants, and it can dig holes for these transplants with a purpose-built auger. Seed and liquid fertilizer can be applied together with the hydroseeder, while sod, soil, wood chips and other materials can be delivered with a variety of buckets, forks and a lifter designed for industrial-sized bags.

Maintaining the Landscape

Once everything is in place, plant growth can be managed with a single blade hedge trimmer or the dual blade model that trims the tops and sides of plants in one pass. There’s a standard lawn mower deck as well as the Tornado mower which collects clippings and acts as a bucket when full, letting you tip it into trailers and truck beds for disposal. Suckers and unwanted plants can be pulled up with the shoot remover, while hard soil can be broken up with the spike and core aerators.

Find Out How a MultiOne can Help Your Landscaping Business

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