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Managing a farm takes a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean you need a separate piece of equipment for every job you do. MultiOne’s mini loaders are designed to let you use one loader with several attachments while offering more flexibility and more maneuverability than a tractor.

Why Use a MultiOne Mini Loader?

The “mini” in “mini loader” means these loaders are compact enough to drive through buildings and gates to get them where you need to work, and the swiveling design of the steering system allows for incredibly sharp turns without tearing up the pasture. The boom that the attachments mount to can get where other tools can’t, whether that means reaching over a fence or loading up a truck. With over 170 attachments available, over two dozen have direct applications in agriculture.

Moving Materials from Maize to Manure

Naturally, there’s a general bucket for day-to-day use, but there’s also a high tip bucket to dump materials into high-sided trucks and trailers, a light material bucket for scooping up masses of loose materials like grain and hay, and a combo bucket that can open to grapple objects. If you need to move awkward loads frequently, there’s a purpose-built grapple bucket with claws to hold the load. Need to bring feed to your livestock? There’s a feed dispenser bucket with a built-in auger, letting you scoop up feed and deposit it evenly into feed troughs.

Need to move some hay? There’s a square bale clamp for lifting bales, a hay bale grapple that can grip onto the sides of square and round bales, and a bale fork that lets you lift or skewer bales for transport. Of course, hay doesn’t grow in bales, and it doesn’t stay neatly packed after your livestock have started eating it. There’s a silage cutting bucket and a heavy duty silage fork to pick up loose hay and straw as well as a manure fork that works on just about any loose material you have on hand.

There are also plenty of other ways to move materials. There’s a standard pallet fork which can be fitted with a clamp for awkward objects, a lifting trolley for heavy pallets, a big bag lifter for sacks of grain, and a jib crane to move objects wrapped in straps and chains. There’s even a pallet fork with the ability to side shift hydraulically for working in tight areas or to quickly switch between pallet sizes. There’s even a fork called the “hives handler” that safely lifts and secures bee hives for transport.

Maintaining Your Land

Raising livestock is messy, but the rubber scraper can clean out pens and paddocks, while the horse arena harrow can resurface soft soil to make it suitable for your animals.

No matter what you grow, there are attachments that can help prepare and maintain your land. The rotary tiller can turn the soil, while the shoot remover and stone burier can prepare it for planting. For soil that has already been broken, there’s a leveler attachment that makes it easy to flatten the surface while capturing rocks. Once your crop has been planted, the vineyard sprayer can protect it by laying down a layer of herbicide in row-planted fields.

Fruit and nut growers can use the tree shaker which has a built-in collector, while the vineyard tool carrier can be fitted with tools to weed, plow, and mow. Need to transplant a tree? MultiOne makes an auger to dig just the right size hole without compacting the soil, while the pot clamp can safely lift balled plants.

Make Farm Work Easy with a MultiOne Mini Loader

Want to see what one of these loaders can do for you? Visit our huge showroom to see how MultiOne can cut down on the time and effort it takes to keep your farm running. You can find us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. To get here, just take Exit 10 from I81 towards Marion. You can also find us right off Route 11.

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