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Taking care of property means maintaining buildings, parking areas, walking paths, and can even include minor construction. MultiOne’s mini loaders are the perfect choice for these tasks thanks to a wide range of purpose-built attachments.

Why Use a MultiOne Mini Loader?

MultiOne’s mini loaders are small, but they pack the power needed to operate heavy equipment. The unique drive system on MultiOne’s mini loaders lets them drive across the most difficult terrain, yet they can do this with minimal scrubbing to prevent damage to lawns and landscaping. A standard attachment system lets you quickly change the tools mounted to the loader, letting you do jobs that would normally require several pieces of purpose-built equipment. Using a mini loader for these tasks helps to keep your space requirements and operating budget low.

Keeping Roads, Parking Lots, and Paths Clear

The vacuum sweeper removes dirt from paved surfaces, while the leaf vacuum can pick up larger loose debris. Plants growing in pavement joints and cracks can be removed with the weed brush. The street washer can wash away most remaining dirt, while the high-pressure washer can clean severely soiled areas.

When snow falls, push it out of the way with the snow plow and snow blade attachments, or use the snowblower to clear major accumulation. The rotary broom can remove the last bit of snow or mud still on the pavement, while the salt and sand spreader can lay down a layer of ice control products.

Working with Tall Structures

Need to work up high? There’s an aerial work platform that lets you safely lift personnel so they can reach light fixtures, windows, and other hard-to-reach areas. Need to lift something up high? Put a strap or chain around the object you want to move and lift it with the jib crane.

The solar panel washer works on more than just solar panels, cleaning building and tunnel walls as well as barricades, reaching surfaces with its long boom.

Moving Materials

If you need to move something, there’s an attachment that’s perfect for those jobs as well.

When it comes to buckets, there are several options to fit the work at hand. There’s a general bucket for regular loads, a light material bucket for carrying large amounts of lightweight materials, and a high tip bucket that can reach over the sides of truck beds and trailers for easy loading. If you need some more flexibility when working with materials, the combo bucket has a separate front section that can swing out to act as a grapple, or stay closed to work like a regular bucket.

Need to move a large bag of fertilizer or mulch? The big bag lifter can handle it. Need to bring some extra tools and equipment with you? There’s a trailer that can attach to the rear of your mini loader.

What about pallets? There’s a standard pallet fork that can be used alone or with a hydraulic clamp for grappling odd-shaped objects, and a lifting trolley for extremely heavy loads.

See How MultiOne Mini Loaders Can Help You with Property Maintenance

You have to see these loaders to really appreciate how versatile they are. Stop by our showroom at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to see all the new models. You can get here from Route 11, or take Exit 10 (Marion) from I81.

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