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It takes a lot of work and a lot of tools to complete a construction project. Ground needs to be broken, old construction needs to be removed, concrete needs to be poured and building materials need to be delivered. With the right attachments, a MultiOne mini loader can help you from start to finish.

A MultiOne mini loader is perfect for small jobs and areas that have limited space. This makes it a great choice for DIY construction and as a compliment to large scale machinery. Already have a mini loader or looking to buy one for another purpose? Since MultiOne’s attachments use the same mounts and hydraulic connectors, these construction tools can be used with any model, letting you switch the roll of your loader as needed.

Excavation and Disposal

Construction starts by breaking ground. There’s a backhoe and mini digger for shoveling deep, small holes, a variety of buckets for moving dirt, a dozer blade for smoothing surfaces and a trencher for cutting long stretches of soil to lay down pipes, cables and footers. Need to take out some existing construction? There’s a hydraulic breaker for chipping away at concrete and a demolition claw for pulling apart walls, supports and rebar.

What do you do with all this material? For large chunks, there’s a fork and bucket with a grapple, while the combo bucket can open to grab object or stay closed to act like a standard bucket. If you’re dealing with old concrete, the crusher bucket can break it down for recycling.


Once you’re ready to start building, your loader can help bring in materials with either a standard or side shift pallet fork and drop off awkward materials in hard-to-reach areas with the jib crane.

Need to pour some concrete? MultiOne makes a mixing bucket that stirs the concrete as it’s transported, or you can mix up concrete in the cement mixer. Thanks to the reach of the loader’s boom, cement and concrete can be poured into areas that would normally only be reachable by hand shoveling. Driveways and parking lots can be sealed and leveled using the paver finisher. Supports can be added by making holes with the auger and driving in stakes and metal fence posts with the stake installer.

Find Out What a MultiOne Can Do for You

To learn more about MultiOne’s mini loaders and their attachments, check out www.shanksmultione.com or visit our brick and mortar store, Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We are located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off route 11. From I-81 take Exit 10 toward Marion. The team at Shank’s Lawn is ready to answer your MultiOne questions and help you find the mini loader and attachments that will make your job easier.

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