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Just because the weather’s bad doesn’t mean you can take a day off. MultiOne’s 8 Series mini loaders are built to not only give you plenty of power to get the job done but also to let you do it in comfort no matter the conditions.


This loader is just 105.9 inches (2,690 mm) long and, depending on the tires being used, as little as 42.1 inches (1,070 mm) wide. Backweights are integrated into the frame, so the loader keeps its compact dimensions no matter how it’s set up. Thanks to a swiveling frame, the turning circle is just 32.5 inches (825 mm) on the inside and 82.3 inches (2090 mm) on the outside.

The boom has a self-leveling system to keep loads and attachments steady. It can lift up to a height of 117.3 inches (2.98 meters,) handling up to 2,360 lbs. (1,070 kg) when fully extended or 2,822 lbs. (1,280 kg) when straight.


The seat is shaped to provide a comfortable seating position. Its position can be adjusted, and it rides on a separate suspension system to absorb bumps and vibration. With 11 functions built into the joystick, just about every aspect of the boom and the attachments mounted to it can be operated with one hand. Everything the operator needs to keep tabs on, from hours of operation to engine speed, can be viewed from a central display.

MultiOne also makes accessories to enclose the cabin, protecting the operator from the weather. A heater or air conditioner can be added to the 8 Series to keep the interior comfortable no matter what it’s like outside.

Even mounting the attachments is easy thanks to the multiconnector which puts all the hydraulic hose outlets onto a single plug.


All 8 Series loaders are powered by a 40 hp Yanmar 3TNV88 diesel engine. The pump for the PTO can move up to 19 gallons of fluid per minute (72 l/min.) An oil cooler is included to ensure reliable performance.

The wheels are turned by radial piston wheel motors. A dynamic block system acts as a differential, altering the power sent to each motor to reduce scrubbing. This improves traction and reduces damage to turf and other soft surfaces when turning. Combined with the torque divider, it can tackle mud, snow, and steep slopes with ease.


The difference between the 8 Series models comes down to the gearing: the 8.4 has a top speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h), and the 8.4+ uses higher gearing for a top speed of 9.3 mph (15 km/h). The 8.4S has two speeds, offering the torque of the 8.4 with a top speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h) in low and a maximum speed of 14.3 mph (23 km/h) when shifted into high.


If there’s a job to be done, there’s probably an attachment that can do it. MultiOne makes over 170 attachments for their loaders covering the needs of landscapers, groundskeepers, farmers, and warehouse workers. Along with a variety of buckets and forks that are useful everywhere, there are plenty of specialist tools to help you get your work done.

There’s a snow blade, snow plow, snowblower, and rotary broom to clear snow off of pavement. The salt and sand spreader can lay down ice control products, while the street washer can clean them off after the snow.

Have a farm? There are three different attachments just for moving hay bales and a bucket built for delivering feed, while soil conditioning is covered with an array of tools including a tiller, stone burier, and leveler.

Need something maneuverable for your orchard or vineyard? Pair an 8 Series with a harvester and apply pesticides with the vineyard sprayer.

Work in construction? The loader can get in places larger vehicles can’t, letting you mix concrete, demolish cement, and scoop up materials in the areas you need to work.

Need to manage the grounds of a large facility or campus? There’s an array of mowers and trimmers as well as a pressure washer and a tool for cleaning solar panels.

See What the 8 Series Can Do For You

Planning a trip to Pennsylvania? Want to see how the 8 Series mini loader can make your work easier, no matter what the conditions are? Make sure you come in for a test drive! We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg. You can get here from the Marion Exit off I81 or by traveling down Route 11.

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