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Want a mini loader that can do it all? The 7 Series has the power and speed to work quickly with the maneuverability to go almost anywhere. With four models available, you can get the perfect balance of performance and portability.

Size and Reach

MultiOne offers a choice of 12 and 15-inch wheels with a total of 5 tire sizes. Depending on the tire size, the loader will be between 42.2-51.2 inches (1070-1300 mm) wide and 78.7-81.9 inches (2,000-2,080 mm) tall. Regardless of tire size, the 7 Series is 105.9 inches (2,690 mm) long.

The self-leveling boom keeps loads steady and can lift attachments to a height of 114 inches (2.9 meters.)


There are four versions of the 7 Series, letting you pick the right balance between power and speed.

The 7.2 is powered by a 28 hp Yanmar diesel engine. It has a top speed of 6.8 mph (11 km/h) and its hydraulic pump can move 9.8 gpm (37 l/min.) It uses a four function joystick to control attachments, but this can be upgraded to an 11 function model. This model can lift up to 2,645 lbs. (1,200 kg) when the boom is straight, and up to 2,249 lbs. (1,020 kg) when the boom is fully extended.

The 7.3 has a 35 hp Yanmar diesel, increasing the top speed to 9.3 mph (15 km/h) and the hydraulic flow rate to 17.9 gpm (68 l/min.) It can lift up to 2,734 lbs. (1,240 kg) with the boom straight and 2,360 lbs. (1,070 kg) when it’s extended. The 7.3 comes with the 11 function joystick straight from the factory.

The 7.3+ is geared lower, increasing torque at the expense of speed, topping out at 6.8 mph (11 km/h.) The 7.3S uses two speeds, working at maximum torque with a top speed of 6.2 mph (10 km/h) or maximum speed at the expense of pushing power, reaching 11.8 mph (19 km/h.) Both models have the same load capacities and pumping speed of the standard 7.3.


While the 7 Series is powerful, its true usefulness comes from the wide range of attachments MultiOne offers, giving you the perfect set of tools to use anywhere from warehouses to farms.

The name “loader” brings to mind buckets, and there are plenty available, including models that extend to reach over truck beds, have a high loading capacity for light materials, deliver feed to animals, and even break up waste concrete for recycling.

Need to move something on a pallet? There’s a regular fork, a fork that side shifts hydraulically, a fork built into a trolley for extra heavy loads, a grapple attachment for lifting pallets with odd loads and even a fork with a special clamp to safely lift and support bee hives. Have something in a giant industrial bag? There’s a bag lifting attachment to move it. Have hay? There are several attachments designed for lifting bales and scooping up silage.

If you need to tear something down, there are attachments for that, too. The demolition claw and hydraulic breaker tear down concrete, the standard and tree augers drill holes, the bio shredder turns branches into wood chips, the tree shear and stump grinder can remove entire trees, and the trencher can cut channels into the ground.

When you want to build, you can mix cement on the loader or carry it with a special bucket and lay some new tarmac with the paver finisher. When you want to landscape, you can transplant trees with the landscape pot clamp, bring water and oxygen back to grass with the aerator, and plant with the hydroseeder.

This only scratches the surface: MultiOne offers a total of 79 attachments to fit the 7 Series, of which many are offered in different sizes and have equipment options to best fit the job at hand.

See What a 7 Series Loader Can Do for You

Want to see how the 7 Series can help out at your next job site? Come visit our huge showroom located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway. That’s right off Route 11, or you can get here by taking the Marion Exit (Exit 10) from I81.

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