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Do you need a mini loader that can deliver serious power without serious size? The 6 Series has a commercial diesel engine and a high load capacity in a compact, maneuverable package. Combined with MultiOne’s multitude of attachments, it can do anything you need in the most space-constrained spaces.


6 Series mini loaders are powered by Yanmar’s 3TNV76 diesel engine. This 28 hp motor supplies enough power to the hydraulic pump to move 12.2 gallons (43 liters) of fluid per minute.

The boom can lift up to 2,116 lbs. (960 kg) when straight and 1,720 lbs.(780 kg) when fully extended. It can raise up to a height of 115 inches (2.92 m.)


The 6 Series measures 96.2 x 42.1 x 79.5 inches (2445 x 1070 x 2020 mm.) That means the footprint of this loader is about the same size as a standard conference table. The loader is designed to hold the backweights inside the frame, keeping it compact in real world use.

Thanks to a swiveling base and independently controlled wheel motors, the turning circle is just 35.6 inches on the inside and 79.5 inches on the outside (905/2,020 mm.) Traction is excellent on rough surfaces, yet scrubbing is minimal, making the loader a great choice for groundskeepers and landscapers.


There are three 6 Series loaders with a choice of gearing, brakes, and wheel motors to let you get the right combination of power and speed.

The 6.3 can reach speeds up to 8.1 mph (13 km/h) and comes with a single disc parking brake.

Both the 6.3+ and 6.3S have upgraded wheel motors, delivering more pushing power than the 6.3. This is backed by parking brakes with multiple discs to keep the loader steady when holding heavy loads. The 6.3+ goes for brute force, limiting its top speed to 6.8 mph (11 km/h,) while the 6.3S is built for speed over strength, topping out at 9.3 mph (15 km/h.)


The 6 Series has a load capacity large enough to use almost every one of the 170 attachments MultiOne makes. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Working on building construction? There’s a crusher bucket and a hydraulic breaker to crush cement, a concrete mixer to make new cement, and a dozer blade, grader, and mini digger to handle earth moving.
  • Need to maintain paved surfaces like driveways and parking lots? There’s a snow blower, snow blade, and sand/salt spreader to deal with winter weather and a sweeper, weed brush, and street washer to keep the pavement clean the rest of the year.
  • Have a farm? You can use a fork, grapple, or clamp to move hay, a shaker to harvest from trees, and an assortment of harrows, diggers, and other tools for preparing soil for planting.
  • Need a way to move palleted goods over rough terrain? There are several pallet fork options including models with side shift and grapples, along with several buckets designed for everything from grappling to light material loading.

See What the MultiOne 6 Series Can Do For You

If you’re in the South Central area of Pennsylvania and want to see how the 6 Series stacks up, make sure you stop by and give it a test drive. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg. You can take Exit 10 from I81 or find us right off Route 11.

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