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The 5 Series mini loader is built to strike a balance between power and size, giving you the ability to get the most out of MultiOne’s attachments while keeping the overall footprint compact for maneuverability. Available with a choice of diesel engines and gearing options, it’s perfect as a complement to your current equipment or as a replacement for specialized equipment.


The 5 Series is available in two versions: the S520 and S525. The S520 is powered by a Kubota D722 diesel engine that produces 20 hp, which can drive the hydraulic pump to produce up to 8.2 gallons per minute (31 liters per minute.) Need more power? The S525 has a D902 motor with 25 hp, increasing the hydraulic flow rate to 9 GPM (34 l/min.)


You can pick from two gearing options: high-torque and a top speed of 6.8 mph (11 km/h) or all-out speed, topping out at 10.6 mph (17 km/h.)

The 5 Series can lift up to 1,808 lbs. (820 kg) with the boom retracted and 1,543 lbs. (700 kg) with it fully extended. Tipping load for this model is 2,249 lbs. (1,020 kg.) A self-leveling system, dynamic block system, floating boom valve, and tires with terrain-specific treads are available to improve traction.


The 5 Series mini loaders measure 93.8 x 76 x 38.6 inches (2,384 x 1,930 x 980mm.) Maximum lift height is 108 inches (2.75 m.) It has a turning radius of 32 inches (890 mm) on the inside wheels and 74.4 inches (1,890 mm) on the outside wheels and rides on 23 x 8.50-12 tires. Thanks to the swiveling base and independently-controlled wheel motors, it achieves this tight turning circle with minimal scrubbing, preserving the turf and ensuring traction on any surface.


The 5 Series is big enough to use most of the attachments MultiOne makes. If the attachment itself is hydraulically operated, it connects to the mini loader’s hydraulic system via MultiOne’s multiconnector system. This puts all the hoses into a single connector for quick changes between tools. All attachments latch to the boom using a standard plate without the need for tools, so it’s easy to swap attachments as needed for the job at hand.

Here are just some of the things you can do with the available attachments:

  • Have a farm? Move hay around with the bale grapple or bale fork, or move silage around with the silage fork or manure fork. Clear the ground with a standard or arena harrow, and deliver feed to your livestock using the feed dispenser or big bag lifter.
  • Have a factory or warehouse? There’s a standard fork, side-shift fork, and lifting trolley for moving goods on pallets, as well as a jib crane for moving awkward objects.
  • Work in construction? Tear down old buildings with the demolition claw, dig with the backhoe and mini digger, or use a range of buckets including a crusher bucket that breaks up cement into recyclable chunks. The paver finisher lets you lay down driveways while the cement mixer lets you mix and pour cement wherever you need it.
  • Involved in landscaping and groundskeeping? There’s an auger built specifically for tree transplanting, as well as a landscape pot clamp for moving pots and balled plants. Virtually every aspect of lawn care is covered with a range of mowing attachments. There’s even a snowblower and snow blade attachments to keep your facility open in the winter.

Along with these attachments, there’s a long list of accessories available that let you outfit the 5 Series for winter weather, trailer towing, and even rear attachment mounting.

See What the 5 Series Can Do for You

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