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When you want a mini loader with maximum power and speed, you need a 10 Series. The strongest loader in MultiOne’s lineup, it’s available with a choice of powerful diesel engines and has a tipping load of 5,952 lbs. (2,700 kg,) yet it has a turning radius that is less than 9 feet (3 meters.)

Power in a Compact Package

How can MultiOne put so much power in a small space? It starts with a chassis that is built in two sections with a joint at the center. This allows the wheels to swivel, shortening turning distances. Each wheel uses its own hydraulic motor linked to a dynamic block system to prevent scrubbing, maintaining grip on the most difficult surfaces. This vehicle is just 126 inches (3.2 m) long and 59 inches (1.5 m) wide when fitted with standard tires.

With a top speed of 24.8 mph (40 km/h,) the 10 Series isn’t just the most powerful model MultiOne offers, it’s also the fastest. Whether you decide on the 72 hp Yanmar-powered 10.8 or the 75 hp Kohler-powered 10.9, the hydraulic pump can maintain a flow rate of 25 gpm (95 lpm) to power attachments.

Attachments to Get Work Done

Attachments mount to a boom that can raise to a height of 126.4 inches (3.21 m.) This boom can support up to 4,762 lbs (2160 kg) when straight and up to 3,748 lbs (1,700 kg) when fully extended. To put that into perspective, a cubic yard of concrete weighs about 4,000 lbs: if it will fit in a bucket or on a pallet, the 10 Series can probably lift it.

With over 80 attachments available for this loader, you can use it for almost any job, whether you have a warehouse, a farm, a construction project, a landscaping project or you just need to do some grounds keeping. Backed by the power of the 10 Series, you’ll have no problem with difficult jobs like breaking hard ground or mixing concrete, yet it’s still able to handle lighter jobs including mowing, transporting hay bales and even washing solar panels. These attachments mount onto a plate and use a single connector to link up with the hydraulic system, making it easy to switch between tools.

Find Out What the MultiOne 10 Series Mini Loader Can Do for You

Want to see how the 10 Series and its attachments can help you at your job? Take a look at www.shanksmultione.com for ideas or come and talk to the team at Shank’s Lawn Equipment in south central PA. We’d love to show you what the MultiOne 10 Series Mini Loader is capable of.

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