Best lift capacity-weight ratio

Power 58 hp
Tipping load 2600 kg – 5732 lbs
Lift height 3,21 m – 126.4 in

Series Overview

Do you need a lot of power? Do you need all your on-site equipment to run on diesel? Do you want all this in a package that is easy to maneuver and can be used for a wide range of jobs? If so, MultiOne’s 9 Series mini loaders are perfect for your needs.

MultiOne’s 9 Series of mini loaders deliver industrial diesel power in a compact package so you can work in places traditional equipment can’t reach. Backed by motors producing 50 or more horsepower, they have the strength to lift heavy loads, while the four-wheel drive system, swiveling chassis and high lift boom let you get attachments exactly where you need them. With the right add-ons, you can use these loaders for anything from mowing lawns to breaking concrete.

9 Series Plus:

  • Advanced and modern frame design
  • Best lift capacity-weight ratio
  • Tier 4 Final

Models Comparison 

  • US Imperial



    Tipping load(*) 5732
    Power  50
    Speed  15.5
    Flow rate  22.5
    Lift Height 126.4
    Weight 4464
  • Metric



    Tipping load(*) 2600 kg 2600 kg
    Power 50 hp 58 hp
    Speed 25 km/h 30 km/h
    Flow rate 85 l/min 95 l/min
    Lift Height 3,21 m 3,21 m
    Weight 2025 kg 2060 kg

    The MultiOne’s design vision is to be the best in class solution in terms of reliability and innovation. The research of  inventive solutions is a well-established MultiOne value, as well as the compliance to internal High Quality standards, which are  at the center of MultiOne design.

    Only the best quality components are used on a MultiOne, only the best processes are followed during design and production phases, only the best in class solutions are implemented on the new MultiOne series.


    The idea behind MultiOne is to offer a multifunctional work tool that can maximize productivity while lowering costs.

    With more than 170 original attachments, MultiOne can become a lawnmower or a fork lift, a compact tractor, a telescopic loader, a concrete mixer, or a personnel lift in seconds.

    A MultiOne can become almost any machine needed without losing its own unique characteristic: to be a powerful machine in a compact body.


    MultiOne machines feature a sturdy articulated frame that improves balance and overall  stability  with  a high constant payload in all  circumstances. All the components of MultiOne mini loaders are designed and tested to guarantee high strength, reliability and reduced maintenance.

    The ROPS safety frame, FOPS canopy, the Operator Cab Left Side Protection Bar, and other safety integrated devices assure complete protection of the operator.


    Not all mini loaders are created in the same way. Many promise astonishing functionality. MultiOne stands by the promises.

    It is incredible how much weight this compact machine can lift, how can maneuver in narrow passages, work on tiny sidewalks, or dump loads into a big dump truck (all without leaving a mark on the grass).

    Thanks to the high  quality  of each component, the constant quality control of each aspect of the engineering process, and the thorough testing of the hydraulic pumps and motors, every MultiOne will maximize output in any working condition and with any accessory.


    MultiOne packs a lot of power and capacity into a small multi-functional body.

    MultiOne’s compact  size  and  articulated frame offer great maneuverability where and when it’s needed. From a small indoor working area to an open field, MultiOne can reach places other machines can’t.

    4 Wheel direct drive assures ultimate  traction even on difficult terrain and conditions while the self- locking  differential  (DBS  –  Dynamic Block System) is useful to  operate on soft ground  while avoiding damage. Traction is also assured on icy or muddy grounds  through Torque Divider traction control.


    Every aspect is taken into consideration by MultiOne to maximize comfort and ease of use. MultiOne’s R&D Department has designed the most impressive, ergonomic and comfortable driver’s area on the market.

    The cab layout has been designed with attention to ergonomic principles: intuitive location of instruments and controls assures the ease of use of MultiOne machines.


    MultiOne is the best in class articulated mini loader in terms of performance, but also in terms of cost saving.
    The articulated frame and the telescopic boom are top in class solutions that assure high efficiency during movement and work.
    MultiOne reduces tire wear and fuel consumption when turning due to the articulated frame steering, rather than counter rotation steering used with other small loaders.

    MultiOne is the best cost saving solution in the market of mini loaders  because of its ease of use and speed of operation.


    MultiOne’s huge network of world wide distributors provides valuable support to the customer during the choice of the right machine and attachments to fulfill his business needs.

    MultiOne distributors  have been trained to assist the customer to select the best combination from the wide array of MultiOne machines and attachments for their workload, to assist in gaining the best return on their investment.

    After the sale, the same network has deep technical training to assure the best maintenance and parts support, and to help the customer discover new applications and possibilities through his MultiOne.


The 9.5 is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV88 engine that produces 50 hp. It can move the loader at speeds up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and gives the hydraulic pump enough power to move 22.5 gallons of fluid per minute (85 liters per minute.)

The 9.6 has the same footprint and capacity as the 9.5, but its Kohler 1903 TCR engine delivers 58 hp, increasing hydraulic pump output to 25 gpm (95 lpm.) A two-speed transmission provides maximum power up to 9.3 mph (15 km/h) in low gear and a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h) in high gear.

Technical Data

Engine Kohler 1903 TCR
Power (Iso Gross) 58 HP / 43.2 kW
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive speed (max) 15 – 30 km/h (9.3 – 18.6 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow 95 l/min (25 gal/min)
Max lifing height 3,21 m (126.4 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm 2200 kg (4850 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside 1030 / 2550 mm (40.5 / 100.4 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile) 31×15.50-15 (400/50-15)
Weight 2060 kg (4541 lbs)
Tipping load (w/backweights) 2600 kg (5732 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 2080 kg (4585 lbs)
Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights) 1600 kg (3527 lbs)
Code C965005

Technical Data

Engine Yanmar 4TNV88
Power (Iso Gross) 50 HP / 37 kW
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive speed (max) 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow 85 l/min (22.5 gal/min)
Max lifing height 3,21 m (126.4 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm 2200 kg (4850 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside 1030 / 2550 mm (40.5 / 100.4 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile) 31×15.50-15 (400/50-15)
Weight 2025 kg (4464 lbs)
Tipping load (w/backweights) 2600 kg (5732 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 2080 kg (4585 lbs)
Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights) 1600 kg (3527 lbs)
Code C965000


What can you do with a MultiOne mini loader? With over 170 attachments available backed by the 9 Series’ powerful engine and hydraulic pump, it can be used for just about any job you have, whether you do construction, groundskeeping, or farming.

The loader can be with you through every step of a construction project. Tear down the existing structure with a demolition jaw and hydraulic breaker, use a trencher, backhoe or cold planer to prep the surface, and then lay down some new concrete with the cement mixer and bucket attachments.

Working with dirt? There’s an array of buckets available to dig and smooth out surfaces, including a combo bucket that works as both a standard bucket and a dump bucket.

Have a farm? Move silage around with the silage fork and bale fork, feed your livestock with the feed dispenser, and even move bee hives with a specialized fork attachment.

Maintaining a property? There are attachments for every landscaping job from mowing to pot carrying, as well as pressure washers, snow blades and lift platforms to help maintain buildings and parking lots.