Tree Shaker with Collector

Grounds Care

When it’s time to harvest from your trees, you can turn to your MultiOne mini loader for help. The tree shaker attachment allows quick movement between trees, gripping and shaking the trunk to loosen ripe fruit and nuts. Add the collector, and it can scoop up the harvest as it falls, shortening the time it takes to harvest your crop.


The tree shaker attachment has an adjustable vibration frequency up to 40 Hz and can adjust to grip a wide range of trunks, letting this tool harvest from a wide range of olive, fruit, and nut trees without damaging them.

The attachment uses a swiveling head to ensure a straight grip on trees regardless of ground slope. Depending on local conditions, this attachment can harvest anywhere from 40 to 60 trees per hour. This attachment can be used with a collector that surrounds the vibrating head for picking up large fruit as it falls from the tree. The side over the boom has a large fixed shield to protect the operator.


The tree shaker attachment can grip trunks up to 13.8 inches (35 cm) in diameter. It weighs 727 lbs. (330 kg) and is compatible with 7 Series and larger loaders.

The collector add-on has a diameter of 19.7 feet (6 meters) and can hold up to 1,190 lbs. (540 kg.) It weighs 397 lbs. (180 kg.)