Estate & Property Maintenance

Need to carry tools and materials with you? MultiOne offers trailers that attach to the rear of your mini loader, letting you transport whatever you need without hindering traction or stability.


These trailers attach to the mini loader with a pintle hitch that allows steep vertical angles between the hitch and the loader for safe travel over the roughest terrain. A built-in parking brake and trailer support keeps the trailer stable when stopped. MultiOne offers their trailers with a manual dump or hydraulic dump system.


MultiOne offers three trailer models: the 800, 1300, and 1600.

The 800 has a manual tipping bed and a tailgate. It measures 45.3 x 59 x 12 inches (114 x 150 x 30 cm) and can carry up to 1,764 lbs. (800 kg.) The trailer itself weighs 198 lbs. (90 kg) and is compatible with all four wheel mini loaders.

The 1300 measures 78.7 x 55.2 x 13.8 inches (200 x 140 x 35 cm) and can carry up to 2,866 lbs. (1,300 kg.) It weighs 331 lbs. (150 kg) unloaded.

The 1600 measures 86.6 x 59 x 13.8 inches (220 x 150 x 35 cm) and can carry up to 3,527 lbs. (1,600 kg.) It weighs 551 lbs. (250 kg.)

Both the 1300 and 1600 are compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders fitted with rear hydraulic outlets to operate the dump system. These models have folding rear and side gates letting them be used as an enclosed or flat bed trailer.