Stump Grinder


Grinding down stumps can be difficult and at times dangerous. With the MultiOne stump grinder attachment, you can remove stumps from the safety of your mini loader’s cab with minimal repositioning.


The design of this tool makes it easy to see the cutting head from the operator’s position for easy positioning and operation. Once in position, the attachment’s 40 degree slewing angle lets the heads slice through wood down to the surface of the soil. A solid steel cutting wheel with heavy duty teeth chips through hardwoods with ease.

This wheel is mounted to a side-shift platform, letting it move across the widest stumps without needing to be repositioned. A thick metal shield and rubber skirt deflect debris away from the loader, and a second removable shield protects the hydraulic valves while providing access for repairs.

A pair of adjustable supports holds the attachment up for storage and tooth replacement. Since neither a chipping chain nor drive chain are used, this attachment requires far less maintenance than a stand-alone stump grinder.


The stump grinder attachment weights 236 lbs. (107 kg.) It’s compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders, but MultiOne recommends using a 7 Series or larger loader for the best performance.