Stake Installer

Estate & Property Maintenance

Need to put in supports for grape vines or set up a barbed wire fence around your property? The stake installer attachment lets you use your mini loader to rapidly drive stakes into the ground with minimal ground preparation.


The attachment’s hinged plate design keeps the head aimed straight down while the end of the stake planter is designed to hold a fence stake in place. This puts the stake in the perfect position for installation without needing to dig a pilot hole.

Once in place, the stake is hammered into the ground with a succession of high speed impacts, pushing it down to the correct depth in a matter of seconds. A slim profile makes the installer head easy to see from the operator’s position.

By using your mini loader’s boom, this tool can be lifted high enough to handle the longest stakes and posts.


The stake installer weighs 265 lbs. (120 kg) and can exert 103 ft-lbs. (140 J) of force at a rate of either 1,000 or 1,250 impacts per minute. It’s compatible with all 5 Series and larger loaders, although MultiOne recommends using a 5.3, 6 Series, or larger loader for the best performance.