Square Bale Clamp


The square bale clamp attachment is designed to safely lift square bales in a range of sizes, whether they’re made up of silage, hay or straw. By combining its gentle grip with the reach of your mini loader’s boom, this is the perfect tool for stacking square bales for storage or reaching over fences to drop them into feed troughs.


The square bale clamp is operated hydraulically using a pair of horizontally-mounted cylinders. This lets the clamp adjust to hold bales ranging in size from 27.5 inches to 96.5 inches (70 cm to 245 cm.) Wide tubular grips spread the load, providing enough force to hold the bale without crushing it. To further protect the bales, the entire attachment is designed so that it has no sharp edges near the working area. A low profile ensures the operator can always see the ends of the grips for safe maneuvering and handling of bales near walls and fences.

The entire frame is galvanized, eliminating the need for paint. That means the surface won’t be left unprotected after repeated abrasion from rubbing against hay and straw.


The square bale clamp is compatible with 5 Series and larger mini loaders, but MultiOne recommends using this attachment with a 7 Series or larger loader for the best performance.