Silage Cutting Bucket


Want an easier way to cut maize silage out of a silo and bring it to your livestock? The silage cutting bucket attachment lets your MultiOne mini loader cut and deliver silage with one tool, reducing the time it takes to feed your animals.


The silage bucket acts like a combination of a silage grabber and a shovel. On the top, it’s built like a light material bucket, providing a massive amount of space for holding material. Its curved shape provides excellent visibility for the operator.

At its base, it has a set of tines that can be hydraulically lowered to scoop up the silage. By using a pair of hydraulic cylinders, even pressure is provided to keep everything inside the bucket.

At the front edge of the bucket, a set of hardened cutter teeth slice through silage so that the forks can be closed fully, ensuring a tight grip when transporting materials. These teeth are attached in a way that allows them to be replaced in just a few minutes so you can get back to work.


The Model 120 silage bucket is 47.3 inches (120 cm) wide and weighs 940 lbs. (410 kg.) It’s compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders, although MultiOne recommends using this bucket with a 7 Series or larger loader for the best performance.