Sickle Bar Mower

Grounds Care

Need to trim tall grasses or cut down hay for harvesting? The sickle bar mower attachment lets your mini loader do just that, using its hydraulic power to cut through grass, hay, and weeds. However, the sickle bar mower doesn’t chop up clippings like a regular mower so the debris can be harvested or collected with ease.


The mower is designed to be easy to see from the operator’s position, extending past the boom far enough to provide a clear view with a tall cone-shaped cover over the center line that makes the bar easy to position while protecting the hydraulic mechanism that drives the blades.

The cover moves when the mower is active, making it easy to tell when the mower is in operation even when the bar is obscured by grass.


The sickle bar mower comes in two versions: the 145 and the 165.

The 145 has a 57 inch (145 cm) wide bar. It’s compatible with all mini loaders, but MultiOne recommends using this model with loader models up to and including the 6 Series.

The 165 has a 65 inch (165 cm) wide bar. Like the 145, it’s compatible with all models, but MultiOne recommends using it with a 5 Series or larger mini loader for the best performance.