Shoot Remover

Grounds Care

Need to get rid of suckers around new tree plantings? Want to remove weeds around the base of a tree to reduce the need for string trimming? MultiOne’s shoot remover attachment pulls plant shoots and weeds out of the ground using rubber strings that are gentle enough to leave the tree unharmed.


The rotor on the shoot remover uses sets of rubber strings arranged in a spiral to remove plants from the soil.

These strings are built for high durability, and they’re designed for easy replacement once they finally wear out. The rubber material and motion of the rotor is designed to be tough enough to take out young saplings and brush without damaging the exposed roots or bark of a mature tree.

The frame can be hydraulically offset to the right of the loader, adjusting the rotor position to work at a distance or directly in front of the loader’s wheels. A large steel shield protects the surrounding area from flying debris.


The shoot remover has a 34.3 inch (87 cm) long rotor with the ability to side shift from 8.7 to 29.1 inches (22-74 cm.) It weighs 110 lbs. (50 kg) and is compatible with all of MultiOne’s four wheel mini loaders.