Rubber Scraper


All manner of things can gather on the floors of farm buildings and surrounding yards, most of which you probably don’t want to step in. MultiOne’s rubber scraper attachment lets you clear off these surfaces to keep them hygienic and reduce the chance of slipping.


The rubber blade is supported by a galvanized steel bar with steel plates used to spread the load of the mounting bolts for increased blade life. The ends of the blade can be folded forward by moving a set of pins on the support bar to push materials into a pile or direct them to either side of the loader. Since there are no hydraulically-operated parts on this attachment, hooking it to the loader is simply a matter of snapping it onto the boom plate.

The blade and bar are mounted to a three point heavy duty galvanized frame mated to a painted steel plate that attaches to the mini loader’s boom. This combination is designed to give a clear view of the blade from the operator position.


The rubber scraper attachment is 74.8 inches (190 cm) wide with the ends of the blade extending straight out, while the rubber blade itself is 15.7 inches (40 cm) tall. It’s compatible with all four wheel MultiOne mini loaders.