Rotary Broom

Estate & Property Maintenance

There are plenty of surfaces that mud and dirt like to cling to, and even the best snowblower doesn’t completely clean the pavement, leaving a slick layer of packed snow and ice. The rotary broom attachment scrubs away this debris, leaving pavement, warehouse floors, and farm yards clean.


This attachment rests on a set of rear-mounted wheels when lowered, making it easy to get a consistent height each time the broom is put to work. The position of these wheels can be adjusted using hand cranks to get the right brush height to remove materials without scraping on the surface. The angle of the brush can be controlled hydraulically from the operator’s position to fling debris away from the pavement. Tough nylon bristles resist wear to ensure a long service life.


The rotary broom is available in two versions: the 130 and 160. Both models use a 23.6 inch (60 cm) diameter brush. The 130 is 51.2 inches (130 cm) wide and weighs 353 lbs. (160 kg.) It’s compatible with all four wheel mini loaders. The 160 is 63 inches (160 cm) wide and weighs 419 lbs. (190 kg.) It’s also compatible with all four-wheel loaders, but MultiOne recommends a 5 Series or larger loader for the best performance.