Power Rake


The power rake attachment lets you use your MultiOne mini loader to prepare soil for planting. It can be used to skim the surface of the soil, breaking it up so seeds can penetrate the surface or as a shallow tiller to break the hold of grass and other small plants to make room for new growth.


The power rake can be used in two ways: lower the deck so that the gauge wheels are on the ground, and the rake will skim the top soil, conditioning and preparing the surface for seeding. Or, tilt the deck up, and the roller can dig deeper, tilling the soil. Despite its dirt cutting abilities, this tool doesn’t require much power, letting it work just as well on small loaders as it does high power models.


The power rake is available in two versions: the 135 and 155.

The 135 is 53.1 inches (135 cm) wide and weighs 551 lbs. (250 kg.) It’s compatible with all four wheel mini loaders.

The 155 is 61 inches (155 cm) wide and weighs 640 lbs. (290 kg.)

Like the 135, it can be used with any four wheel mini loader, although MultiOne recommends a 5 Series or larger loader for the best performance.