Power Auger for Tree Planting

Landscaping & Grounds Care

While you could use a regular auger to dig a hole for a new tree, MultiOne makes an accessory built to make the perfect hole for transplants. This auger is available in two sizes that are ideal for tree planting, and its unique cutting system keeps the soil on the walls of the hole from being compacted, helping the tree take root.


A pilot bit helps fix the auger’s position, while four teeth bite into the soil at the edge of the blade to help break up the soil. The unique blade design creates a hole without compacting the exposed surface, allowing the tree’s roots to push through. Since it’s mounted to the boom of your loader, it has more articulation than a unit mounted to a tractor, making it easy to position for digging on any terrain including hills.


The power auger for tree planting is sold as a drive unit with a choice of two cutting heads. The 80 is 31.5 inches (80 cm) in diameter, while the 100 is 39.4 inches (100 cm) in diameter. This attachment is compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders, but the 5.3, 6 Series and larger loaders are recommended to get the most from this auger.