Pallet Fork with Side Shift

Material Handling

Need more flexibility when moving pallets? MultiOne offers a pallet fork with built-in side shift to quickly switch between pallet sizes and line up pallets in tight spaces without having to leave the vehicle.


The side shift mechanism on this attachment is operated hydraulically, letting the operator change the position of the forks as well as the distance between them using the loader’s control stick. This lets the fork adjust to fit different size pallets on the fly, and once it’s time to drop off a load, the forks can move to the left or right for perfect stacking in tight spaces. Add in the articulation of your mini loader’s boom and the off-road capabilities of its drive system, and this fork lift attachment lets you move pallets just about anywhere from warehouses to construction sites.


The pallet fork with side shift has 47.2 inch (120 cm) long forks and can lift up to 4,410 lbs. (2,000 kg,) although total lifting capacity may be less depending on the weight capacity of your mini loader’s boom. It weighs 330 lbs. (150 kg) and is compatible with all four wheel loaders. It is not compatible with MultiOne’s hydraulic clamp attachment for pallet forks.