Pallet Fork Hydraulic Clamp

Material Handling

Have a pallet fork for your MultiOne mini loader and wish there was a way to make it easier to handle awkward loads? The pallet fork hydraulic clamp attaches to the frame of your fork, clamping down on objects for easy transport. This grappling ability makes it ideal for wide and round objects as well as loose piles of items like empty pallets and finished lumber.


The hydraulic clamp mounts directly above and behind your current fork, and can be tilted straight up, keeping it out of the way while maneuvering the fork blades under the load to be carried.

The clamp uses a pair of curved arms to help it grip round objects. This makes it easier to transport poles, logs, and pipes. Moving something really awkward? These arms are close together, and are mounted at the center of the fork mount.

This position adds points of contact where they’re needed most to stabilize the load so it can’t slide off from the forks during transit.


Although the articulation has a wide range, the clamp’s arms are designed to grab objects ranging from 15.7 to 35.4 inches (40 to 90 cm) in diameter.

This attachment weighs 102 lbs. (46 kg,) and it can be mounted to all three standard pallet fork models. The clamp’s hydraulics are compatible with 2 Series and larger loaders.