Mini Digger

Excavation Attachments

Need a digging tool that works in tight spaces? Want the digging ability of a backhoe without having to switch seats constantly? The mini digger attachment is compact and mounts to the front of your MultiOne loader so it can be controlled from the driver’s seat.


Compared to a backhoe, there’s a lot less setup time when using this attachment. Since the digger is front-mounted and operated from the MultiOne’s control stick, the operator doesn’t have to change positions to use it.

No support arms are needed to keep the loader stable while digging, so it’s easy to relocate when you’re ready to dig in a new area. This makes it the perfect tool for digging trenches for buried pipe and lines as well as minor excavation projects.


The mini-digger is available in two versions. When ordered with a 9.8 inch (25 cm) bucket, the digger comes with a 51.2 inch (130 cm) arm and weighs 154 lbs. (70 kg.) This model is compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders.

The second version comes with a 15.7 inch (40 cm) bucket and a 59 inch (150 cm) arm. It weighs 176 lbs. (80 kg) and is compatible with the 5.3, 6 series and larger loaders. MultiOne also offers 9.8 inch (25 cm) and 27.5 inch (70 cm) buckets for the 59 inch arm, while bolt-on teeth can be added to any bucket.