Log Splitter


When you think “log splitter,” you probably think of a device with its own engine and hydraulic system mounted on a large trailer. This type of splitter can be awkward to position, making it easier to bring the wood to the device instead of vice versa. Not so with the MultiOne log splitter attachment: it puts a vertical log splitter at the end of your mini loader’s boom, making it easy to position while using the loader’s hydraulic system as its power source.


This log splitter is operated by the hydraulic power of the mini loader. It’s built to be operated vertically and can be transported by simply lifting the boom before driving to the next work location.

A pair of wheels on the base of the splitter let it roll on the ground while positioning it next to the wood. Once in position, a wide support table makes it easy to balance large logs and tree cut-offs.

The splitter is controlled using a pair of safety grip activation handles, assuring that the operator is clear of the wedge before it lowers down onto the wood. As the grips swing close, they grip the log, keeping it in place as it’s being split.


The log splitter attachment can handle logs up to 15.7 inches (40 cm) in diameter, and it exerts as much as 7 tons of force. It weighs 242.5 lbs. (110 kg) and is compatible with all MultiOne mini loaders.