Log Grapple


Sure, it’s possible to move piles of logs and fence posts with a set of pallet forks, but the odd shape of the load makes it easy to drop in transport. The log grapple attachment uses a modified fork design built to lift, grip, and keep rounded objects in place. This makes it easy to load, transport, and deposit stacks of logs and posts of almost any shape or size.


The forks that form the base of the log grapple attachment slope down toward the loader to help keep logs from rolling off. Above these forks is a pair of long teeth with serrated edges to grip the tops of the logs.

Each tooth is opened and closed using its own hydraulic cylinder which can be controlled individually to provide the best grip on awkward loads. The log grapple allows for full articulation at the end of the boom so that the cargo can be tipped over fences and trailer walls before releasing the teeth.


The log grapple has a pair of 39.8 inch (101 cm) long teeth that are 39.4 inches (100 cm) apart. This attachment weighs 265 lbs. (120 kg) and is compatible with all 2 Series and larger loaders