Lifting Trolley

Buckets, Material Handling

Need to load heavy pallets, oversize bags, and other heavy materials? Want to use your MultiOne mini loader for loading pallets into trucks? The lifting trolley provides the articulation and strength to do both by being self-supporting and by having built-in rails that makes it easy to perform straight vertical lifts.


The lifting trolley attachment acts like a standard fork lift, moving objects vertically while also allowing the forks to be tilted slightly to keep pallets from sliding off during transport. The metal frame and hydraulic cylinder are slim enough to provide an unobstructed view of the forks from the operator’s position.

This attachment has foam-filled tires that let it roll along the ground while transporting materials, resisting punctures and supporting the load. Combined with its heavy construction, this lets the trolley handle loads that would tax the boom on your mini loader.


The lifting trolley has forks that are 43.3 inches (110 cm) in length. It can lift loads up to 2,425 lbs. (1,100 kg) to a height of 69 inches (175 cm.) This attachment weighs 476 lbs. (216 kg.)

It’s compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders, but MultiOne recommends using it with a 7 Series or larger loader for the best performance.