MultiOne’s leveler proves that attachments don’t have to be complicated to be useful. This simple device can create a flat surface without requiring manual shoveling and grading, reducing the time and manpower needed to level areas covered in soft soil, dirt, gravel, or sand.


The leveler is little more than a grid made from steel bars. When placed against the ground, it pulls away loose dirt sticking above the leveler’s base, letting it settle in cracks and crevasses.

The leveler’s square pattern works equally well when used in any direction, letting you smooth out ground near fences, trees, and other obstacles with ease.

The edge of the grid can also be pushed down to cut into soil, dragging out materials that have collected along newly constructed walls and barriers.

This attachment works on any loose ground material including rough tilled soil, mulch, and sand. This makes it a great tool for preparing land for construction and sod placement as well as finishing gravel roads, dirt roads, and paddocks.


The leveler is 59 inches (150 cm) wide and weighs 287 lbs. (130 kg.) It’s compatible with all four wheel mini loaders from the 2.2 MK to the 10 Series.