Leaf Vacuum

Estate & Property Maintenance

MultiOne’s leaf vacuum attachment doesn’t just let you use your loader in place of a purpose-built vacuum, it makes lawn cleanup quicker and easier. There’s no bag that needs to be cleaned, and when the attachment is full, it can be used like a dump bucket, depositing the waste exactly where you want it.


This attachment uses your loader’s hydraulic power to drive an impeller that creates a large amount of suction force for picking up leaves, loose dirt and other debris. A rotary side brush is included that can help extend the cleaning area by sweeping leaves into the vacuum nozzle.

The debris is collected in a metal storage container instead of a bag, so there’s no fabric that needs to be cleaned to ensure adequate airflow for the vacuum. The base of the attachment’s storage container swings open like a dump bucket: just position it over where you want to dump the contents and push a button on the control stick to open the bottom door.

Need to get in tight places? There’s an optional 16 foot (5 m) hose that fits in place of the nozzle for vacuuming around bushes and other obstacles.


The leaf vacuum is 39.4 inches (100 cm) wide and weighs 342 lbs. (155 kg.) It’s compatible with MultiOne 5 Series and larger loaders.