Lawn Mower

Ground Care

Getting a great finish on your lawn doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive riding mower. With the lawn mower attachment, your mini loader can provide the same cutting performance as custom built machines.


The lawn mower attachment uses a stamped deck with three overlapping blades, providing a finished service that is ideal for everything from golf courses to large acreages. Four independent support wheels help the deck follow the ground for an even cut on slopes. Mowing height is set on the attachment, letting the operator lower the deck onto the ground to get the right cut. Several models are available, letting you choose between mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge.


There are four models to choose from, with optional mulching kits for all models except the 100. All decks have a cutting height ranging between 0.4 and 5 inches (1-12 cm.) The 100 model comes with a mulching system. It has a cutting width of 39.4 inches (100 cm) and weighs 256 lbs. (116 kg.) It’s compatible with all loaders except the 7.3, 8.4, 9.5, 9.6, GT950, GT960, and 10 Series.

The 130 model has a rear discharge system and a 51.2 inch (130 cm) wide mowing deck. It’s compatible with all four wheel loaders, although a smaller deck should be used with the 2 Series, S520, S525, and 6.3 SD models for the best performance. The 150 has a 59 inch (150 cm) wide side discharge deck, while the 180 has a 70.8 inch (180 cm) wide side discharge deck. These models are compatible with the MultiOne 5.3, all 6 Series loaders except the 6.3 SD, and all 7 Series and larger loaders. For the best performance, this attachment should be used with an 8 Series or larger loader.