Landscape Pot Clamp

Green Care Attachments

When you need to move round objects and they need to be handled gently, you need MultiOne’s landscape pot clamp. Its claws wrap around pots, barrels, balled trees, and other objects, spreading out the grip load to prevent crushing while still being able to support heavy loads.


While a standard grapple puts its force on a few spots when gripping round objects, the landscape pot clamp is designed to wrap around the object to spread the load, reducing the chance of damage. Two floating clamps grip the pot while a pad at the rear of the attachment keeps it stable: this lets them shift freely to grip the object without catching an edge on the surface, protecting fragile terra cotta and preventing the puncture of plastic barrels.

The grip strength provided by this attachment is more than enough to lift balled trees and barrels filled with heavyweight oil.


The landscape pot clamp can handle loads up to 1,433 lbs. (650 kg,) and its claws can adjust to an opening ranging between 9.8 and 42.2 inches (25-120 cm.) This attachment weighs 176 lbs. (80 kg) and is compatible with all four wheel mini loaders, although smaller loaders will be limited by their total load capacity, not the capacity of the clamp.