Jib Crane

Material Handling

Need to move an awkward load and don’t have a way to grasp it from underneath? The jib crane lets you lift objects wrapped in chains, rope, or straps, moving the object without swinging it around, then maneuvering it over fences, curbs and other obstacles.


The safety hook at the end of the jib crane latches closed to secure straps, rope, or chain to keep the object in place. Once the object is back on the ground, it’s simply a matter of pushing in the spring-operated latch and detaching the payload. The crane arm extends out at a 90 degree angle from the attachment plate. By tilting the plate up, the hook can be brought in close to the loader for stability, then tilted down to extend the arm over obstacles when lifting or lowering objects. If you need more reach, there’s a version of the crane with an arm that extends hydraulically.


The one-piece jib crane has an arm that is 98.4 inches (250 cm) long. This attachment weighs 90.4 lbs. (41 kg.) The telescopic jib crane’s arm can adjust to a length between 23.6 and 43.3 inches (60-110 cm.) It weighs 187.4 lbs. (85 kg.) Both cranes are compatible with all MultiOne 5 Series and larger loaders.