Horse Arena Harrow


Do you need to prepare sandy or mixed-media surfaces used for horse riding? The horse arena harrow attachment lets your mini loader break apart, smooth, and compact the surface in one pass, getting it ready for practice or competition.


This harrow is designed to be towed behind your mini loader using the trailer hitch attachment, keeping the boom free for other tools like buckets and graders.

The arena harrow works in three stages. First, two sets of spring tines break up the dirt and sand. Next, a leveler smoothes out the arena surface. Finally, the auger roller compacts and spreads the surface material to leave a flat finish.

The weight and balance of the tines can be adjusted separately from the leveler and roller depending on the condition of the arena material, and the height of the entire unit can be adjusted to best fit the depth and condition of the surface.

The maneuverability of the loader makes it easy to get complete coverage, while side wheels on the harrow keep it from bumping into walls and fences when you’re trying to smooth out every last bit of the arena.


This attachment is available in two models: the 110 and the 160. The 110 is 43.3 inches (110 cm) wide and weighs 220 lbs. (100 kg) while the 160 is 63 inches (160 cm) wide and weighs 397 lbs. (180 kg.) Both models are compatible with all 2 Series and larger mini loaders.