Hives Handler


It’s possible to lift a stack of bee hives using a standard pallet fork, but transporting them can be difficult as even minor bumps can cause the upper hives to topple. The hives handler prevents this from happening by gripping the stack from the top and bottom.


The hives handler uses a set of standard pallet forks coupled with an adjustable grapple that gently clamps down on the top of the hives, securing them for transport. This grapple uses l-shaped channels that wrap around the sides of the top hive to reduce wobbling through the stack while driving over rough surfaces.


The hives handler is available in two versions: the 160 and the 240. The 160’s forks are 41.3 inches (105 cm) long, and the grapple can adjust to a height between 35.4 and 63 inches (90-160 cm.)

The attachment itself weighs 330 lbs. (150 kg) and it can handle loads up to 2,204 lbs. (1,000 kg.) It’s compatible with all four wheel mini loaders.

Need more height? The 240 has the same length, weight and load capacity as the 160, but its grapple can extend anywhere from 53.1 to 94.5 inches (135-240 cm.) I

t’s compatible with all four wheel loaders, although a 5 Series or larger loader is recommended for the best performance.