High Tip Bucket


Loading loose materials into high areas like trailers usually requires driving the excavator onto a platform, but with MultiOne’s high lift bucket, your mini loader can dump its load from ground level.


The high tip bucket works like a standard bucket, letting you scoop materials and grate surfaces. Its angled design is built specifically for MultiOne’s loaders, giving the operator a clear view of the edge from the cab. This bucket is mounted on a set of hydraulically-actuated arms that extend 24 inches (60 cm.) Together with the lifting range of your mini loader’s boom, this lets the bucket lift above tall trailers and truck beds for dumping without having to position the loader on a set of ramps or a loading dock.


The high tip bucket is available in two models: the 100 and the 130.

The 100’s bucket measures 39.4 x 33.8 x 24 inches (100 x 86 x 61 cm) for a total volume of 8.1 cubic feet (210 liters.) It weighs 339 lbs. (154 kg) and is compatible with all four wheel mini loaders.

The 130’s bucket is the same length and height as the 100’s, but with a width of 51.2 inches (130 cm,) it can hold up to 9.9 cubic feet (280 liters.)

It can be used with all four-wheel loaders, but MultiOne recommends using it with a 5 Series or larger loader for the best performance