Hedge Cutter

Grounds Care

Getting an even cut on hedge rows is normally an arduous task, but with the MultiOne hedge cutter, it doesn’t have to be. Once the bar is in position, you can simply drive by hedges in your mini loader and trim them to an equal length, going through leaves and small branches with ease. The result is a perfect finish in a fraction of the time it takes to trim by hand.


The hedge cutter comes with a 62.8 inch (1,595 mm) bar, letting it cut large sections with each pass. It’s mounted to a pair of arms that extend out to the side of the cab to control the cutting depth while positioning the loader far enough away that it won’t have to be driven through untrimmed branches.

The bar has a 120 degree slewing angle. Combined with the maneuverability of the loader’s boom, the blade can be positioned to cut anything from hay to hedges, both from the side and the top.


The hedge cutter is available in two models: the 10 and the 30. The 10 cuts branches up to 0.4 inches (1 cm) in diameter and weighs 238 lbs. (108 kg.) The 20 cuts branches up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) in diameter and weighs 353 lbs. (160 kg.) Both cutters are compatible with all four wheel MultiOne mini loaders.