Heavy Duty Silage Fork

Agriculture Attachments

Moving hay bales is easy, but what if you have loose silage? MultiOne’s heavy duty silage fork is designed to handle these soft, loose loads, letting you pick up piled hay, broken bales, and even logs.


A hydraulic clamp on the top of the fork makes it easy to scoop up loose hay and logs, securing them for safe transport, and the sturdy frame design lets the fork move heavy loads like round bales. Picking up all the loose material means you’ll inevitably scrape the bottom of the fork against the ground, so the teeth are designed to be easily replaced as they wear down.


The heavy-duty silage fork is available in four models: the 80, 95, 120 and 150. The 80 is 31.5 inches (80 cm) wide and weighs 148 lbs. (67 kg.) It is compatible with all MultiOne mini loaders.

The 95 is 37.4 inches (95 cm) wide and weighs 242 lbs. (110 kg.) It is also compatible with all MultiOne loaders.

The 120 is 47.3 inches (120 cm) wide and weighs 194 lbs. (88 kg.) It’s compatible with 5 Series and larger loaders.

The 150 is the largest fork at 59 inches (150 cm) wide with a weight of 287 lbs. (130 kg.)

It’s compatible with 5 series and larger loaders, although MultiOne recommends using a 7 Series or larger loader for the best performance