Hay Bale Grapple

Agriculture Attachments

Round bales are convenient due to their size, but they can also be cumbersome to move. The hay bale grapple gets around this by letting your mini loader gently grab and lift bales for easy transport. Combined with the lifting ability of the loader’s boom and its superior maneuverability, it’s easy to move bales through barns, around fences, and even into stacks for storage.


This grapple has two hydraulically-operated arms that can securely grip round hay bales up to 5.25 feet (160 cm) in diameter. As it does this, the arms automatically center the load for stability, and the clamps’ wide surface area prevents them from damaging the bale wrap. Need to stack bales? Since this attachment is mounted to your loader’s boom, lifting bales into position is never a problem. It’s even possible to stack one bale on top of another and move them together, so long as the total weight is not above the attachment and loader’s capacity.


The bale grabber can handle bales weighing up to 2,304 lbs. (1,000 kg,) and it can grab bales with a minimum diameter of 38.2 inches (97 cm.) This attachment weighs 286.6 lbs. (130 kg,) and it’s compatible with all four wheel MultiOne mini loader models