Digging & Construction

When you think of graders, you probably think of giant tractors with massive blades that plow the soil of road and building construction sites. However, you can get the same performance in a smaller package with MultiOne’s grader attachment. It turns your mini loader into a soil-leveling machine that can take on small construction projects or work alongside larger equipment to finish edges and hard-to-access locations.


This attachment turns your mini loader into a high-performance grader, providing a quality finish with the ability to reach places that are too difficult for purpose-built machines. The moldboard is hydraulically controlled, so adjustments can be made from the cab using the control stick. Need greater accuracy? The grader can be equipped with a laser control package for precision adjustments.


The grader is offered in one model that has an 82.7 inch (210 cm) blade and weighs a total of 1,212 lbs. (550 kg.) The tips of the blade can swing up to 35 degrees toward or away from the loader and tilt at up to a 30 degree angle when working on slopes and hills.

This attachment is compatible with the 7.3, 8.4 and 9.5SD, but MultiOne recommends using a 9.5, 9.6, GT950, GT960 or 10 Series loader for the best performance.