Flail Mower

Grounds Care

Left unchecked, the vegetation on a lawn or field can quickly grow to a point where the only way to mow it is with a brush cutter. Unfortunately, these devices are large and have to be pulled by a tractor, greatly reducing their reach. With the Flail Mower attachment, you can use your MultiOne mini loader to cut long grass and scrub like a brush cutter, getting in areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.


The cutting height is adjusted on the flail mower itself, not the boom. That means it can be lifted into the air when transporting, then lowered onto the ground to get just the right height when you’re ready to use it. Your loader’s hydraulic system provides the torque to cut through the toughest growth, and its short profile means you can move around trees and branches to get into areas that would normally need to be cut down with a string trimmer. This doesn’t just make cutting faster, it ensures an even finish throughout.


There are three models of flail mowers available. The 105 is 41.3 inches (105 cm) wide with 30 blades and weighs 269 lbs. (122 kg.) The 125 has a 49.2 inch (125 cm) cutting width with 36 blades and weighs 320 lbs. (145 kg.) The largest model is the 150 at 59 inches (150 cm) with 42 blades and a weight of 357 lbs. (162 kg.)

All models have a cutting height ranging from 0.8-4 inches (2-10 cm,) and they can be used on any four wheel loader. However, MultiOne recommends certain model pairings to get the best performance: the 105 works best with 2 through 7 Series loaders, the 125 with 6 through 8 Series loaders, and the 150 with 9 and 10 Series loaders