Dozer Blade

Digging & Construction

Need to smooth out a surface for construction or landscaping, or stack loose soils for relocation? The dozer blade attachment lets your MultiOne mini loader grade and scrape off surfaces and push around loose materials.


The dozer blade attachment is built to provide trouble-free service when moving a wide range of soils. The edge and curve of the blade is designed to work equally well with hard and soft soils while keeping the tool in full view of the operator, and it can be angled left or right hydraulically from the control stick. Unlike skid-steer mounted equipment, your loader’s drive system is built to reduce scrubbing so the surface you just made with this blade won’t be ruined when you drive over it.


MultiOne makes two models of dozer blades: the 140 and the 180.

The 140 is 55.1 inches (140 cm) wide and weighs 198 lbs. (90 kg.) The 180 is 71 inches (180 cm) wide and weighs 232 lbs. (105 kg.) The blades on both models are 20.8 inches (53 cm) tall and have a slewing angle of up to 30 degrees in either direction.

Both attachments can be used with any four wheel MultiOne mini loader, but the company recommends a 5 Series or larger loader to get the best performance.