Demolition Jaw

Digging & Construction

Think demolition equipment has to be big? MultiOne’s demolition jaw can turn your mini loader into a building destroying machine, letting you take down concrete and metal with ease in spots that are inaccessible to larger machines, either due to space or noise constraints.


The jaws on this attachment are designed to go through concrete, rebar, wire mesh, angle iron and I-beams, so they have no problem breaking apart common construction materials. It has a full 360 degree rotation, and it can keep spinning endlessly so you don’t have to stop and reset the jaws to position for the next cut.

The hydraulic actuator is designed for low noise and vibration, so it can be used in noise-restricted areas. This makes it the perfect tool for working in residential areas, taking down cement curbs and fences.


The demolition jaw can exert over 75,000 lbs. (335 kN) of force at the tips and its maximum cutting force is over 200,000 lbs. (920 kN.) The jaws can open up to 16.9 inches (43 cm) wide, and the complete attachment weighs 485 lbs (200 kg.)

This attachment is compatible with the 6.3, 7.3, 7.3SD and 8.4SD, but MultiOne recommends the 8.4 and 9 and 10 Series loaders to get the most out of this attachment.