Aerial Work Platform

Estate and Property Maintenance

Aerial Work Platform

When you need to reach up high, reach for a MultiOne aerial work platform. By attaching the platform to the loader, it’s easy to move between work sites, and since the basket is lifted by the loader’s hydraulic system, there’s no need for external power. It can even work on uneven ground thanks to adjustable supports on all four corners. Factor in the superior maneuverability of MultiOne’s mini loaders, and you have a way to quickly reach high areas for repairs, maintenance, painting and light bulb replacement.


These work platforms mount using the coupling plate at the end of the boom and can be linked to the loader’s hydraulic system using separate hydraulic hoses or MultiOne’s all-in-one multiconnector for quick setup.

The platform uses four supports for stability. These supports are stored on board at the front of the platform, keeping the footprint small for maneuverability. Once the platform has been moved to the work location, the supports slide into brackets on the corners of the platform base. Adjustable jacks on the ends of the supports are then lowered to meet the ground, adding stability on both flat and uneven surfaces.

Controls to lower and lift the platform are located inside the basket and on the side of the unit so it can be operated from the ground or from the work location. A guard rail running around the entire platform ensures worker safety.


MultiOne’s work platforms have a 25.6 x 25.6 inch (65 x 65 cm) basket and can lift up to 265 lbs. (120 kg.) An entire unit has a total footprint of 51.2 x 27.5 inches (130 x 70 cm.) These platforms can be used with the S520 and S525 loaders, but MultiOne recommends a 5.3, S630+ or larger loader for the best performance.

PID 8,5: This platform can reach a height of 21.3 feet (6.5 m) for a working height of 26 feet (8 m.)

PID 10: Need to reach higher? This unit can reach a height of 25.6 feet (7.8 m) for a working height of 33 feet (10 m.)